There are some jobs that are actually callings – those who like to transform people’s lives for the better; those who like to help others to improve themselves and their lives, along with doctors and other specialists.

We’re talking here about being a substance abuse counselor, which offers those specific services that help people overcome their addictions. This kind of job has indeed amazing challenges, but there is also a great level of satisfaction that comes from this activity. Any addiction is negative, and no matter if you’re thinking about alcohol or drugs, the results are the same – they offer a bad lifestyle and a degrading evolution for those people.

That’s why, for those who have the requested level of empathy and willingness it’s important to follow their calling and offer the right substance abuse counselor services. Here are some insights into how you can become one of these specialists, which is both challenging and rewarding.

What Is Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is that habit of using a mind altering substance, and this can be anything from drug to alcohol. Even if those people who use them consider these substances to offer different positive side effects, the truth is that they are very harmful, both for them and for those surrounding them. Specialists consider that it has an effect on both the body and the mind, altering even the personality and the soul inside them.

As you’ve certainly seen, those who are addicted to alcohol are not themselves when drinking, so it’s a habit that it’s transforming them into someone that they’re not.  There are different reasons why people use drugs or alcohol – escaping the reality, trying to fit in, sadness, or just to feel powerful. In the end, it can give addiction and it’s definitely not a good thing.

Becoming a Counselor

First of all, to become a substance abuse counselor, you’ll need to complete the right educational programs. Starting with the bachelor’s degree earned at university or college level, this represents the first step toward this career. Once this stage is finished, the students have the possibility to continue their line of studying with a master’s degree or a PhD degree, which will give them the skills and knowledge that are required for becoming a licensed counselor, but it also gives them the possibility to work in a private practice.

The certificate programs in this area are usually available to those students who have a major in a related field, or who’re looking to get a degree in therapy, behavioral sciences or counseling.

Why this Career?

The world needs these types of counselors because substance abuse is indeed a growing problem. Those who suffer from this usually also have other physical problems, and the substance abuse only contributes to the general breakdown of a human body and inflicts different illnesses.

1010447Everyone suffers from this illness, not just those that are inflicted. The family gets to suffer along with the person who has a substance abuse problem, so helping them out should at least try to give them back a normal lifestyle and also help remove the addiction. It is a hard job indeed, but whenever it is successful, it is full of satisfaction for everyone – the counselor, the patient and his or her family.

Those who are professionals in this field of work can help people prevent problems like family discord financial problems, homelessness and others that derive from substance abuse, and helping them overcome their addiction can lead to a healthier life and better choices for the future.


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